The mission of the Interscholastic program within the United States Polo Association (USPA) is to promote and grow the sport of polo by providing maximum exposure to the sport; recruiting collegiate and scholastic institutions; coordinating activities of member schools and players; providing for organized competition including sponsoring & administering regional and national tournaments with an emphasis on sportsmanship, fairness and safety; and by effectively utilizing funding for the benefit of I/I activities.



Individual Eligibility

a. An individual must be a current Registered or Affiliate Player or Junior member of the USPA to be eligible for participation in any IS Tournament or Qualified Game(s). Non-members are not covered by USPA excess liability insurance. New students must join in the fall and renew membership in the spring. Students may join online at
b. A student must not have reached his/her 19th birthday prior to September 1st preceding the date of the interscholastic season for which eligibility is sought.
c. An official school representative must verify the following:
d. Student must be enrolled at a public, private or parochial school or an approved home school program, grade 7 through 12, and be making progress toward graduation.









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